Kaleidoscope Man

A video of me working as an extra in a sic-fi crowd funded film by Simon Cox. You see me twice running in a black and white checkered jumper 🙂



Final Major Project

Yesterday I went to Guide Dogs For The Blind’s Harbourne Center.
I had a meeting with the Community Engagement Officer (Birmingham Mobility Team) called Susan Bushell and The Birmingham Mobility Team Manager Colin Vince.
Sue handles all aspects of Media for the Birmingham Guide Dogs team, and Colin is a key link enabling me to get the contacts I need for the video.

We had a lengthy discussion about things such as Target Audiences, Length of the Video, What they want to get out of it, What the video’s goal is, What work we can do in the future together and what aspects I need to do to get my grades.

I will be sending them both the minutes of the meeting so they can have a small reminder of what went on and what needs to be completed before the next meeting on both our parts.

Sue will be sending me a Brief to work to within the next two weeks after they have discussed with the rest of the Guide Dogs team to see if they have any thoughts on the matter.

This Weekend

I’ve had a had a bit of a hectic weekend.
On Wednesday last week, I was asked if it would be possible for me to film a wedding on that very same week’s friday.
I left school at 11 and was in West Bromwich before 12.
The wedding was in a registry office, it was a very small service with mainly family there.
I worked from 1:30pm until 10pm on the night, filming the arrivals through to the first dance.
On Saturday I was in Beaconsfield for the National Film and Television School’s Open Day, I had a nice day looking round the school, it’s well equipped and has good links with some of the best UK Media Companies.
Yesterday I was at the Copthorne Hotel in Merry Hill, filming for the big screens in a drivers conference. I was there for a couple of hours to film Quentin Willson’s hour talk on how people should be taught the rules of the road and driving theory from a younger age to make the roads safer.

Overall it was a busy weekend but I learnt some new things as it was a first for me for both the events that weekend.
I learnt to make sure two cameras are rolling when there are important things like speeches going on, just as a precautionary measure incase one of the cameras cut out.
I also learnt about relaying live filming to a big screen through a wireless connector.

BFI Film Academy Birmingham… Excited is not the word! :D

Dear Gemma,
Congratulations … your application was successful
Thank you for submitting your form to the BFI Film Academy in Birmingham sharing your aspirations and film experience.
Your application was successful and we are please to be able to offer you a place on the Academy.
The team are looking forward to meeting you at our first session.
Well done and hope to meet you soon,

Janette Bushell – Director
BFI Film Academy Birmingham”