Additional Work

Conservatives Annual Conference 2014 – The Hyatt, Birmingham

Throughout today there has been a lot of fringe events going on in the Conservatives Annual Party Conference. I had the opportunity to go and film in one of the smaller party talks to do with sharing for a better economy (e.g. car shares and holiday house swaps). I spent the rest of the afternoon with Ultimate’s Crew doing the Audio set-ups for other talks going on in the Hyatt. There were many important members of parliament attending the Conference, including London’s Mayor Boris Johnson and the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron. There were many armed police officers and I had to have extensive background checks before I got my pass to go in, once we arrived at the venue we had to pass through 2 policed entrances being checked then we had the security checks again, first they checked that my information was correct and I looked like the picture of me on my pass, then we had to put the camera equipment through a security scanner and then walk through another scanner. My shoe buckles and the zips on my jacket set the machine off but after they did a quick search with the handheld scanner they gave me the go ahead and we were let into the secure perimeter. The conference seems to have been an overall success and there will be around three similar conference events this year it appears. It was a very nice experience to have and I feel I’ve learnt a lot throughout the day which I can take away with me.

TV Studio Camera Training

Today we spent two hours in the TV Studio doing a short video to promote Free Radio Live 2014. I helped set up the cameras with my peers, framed the shots, helped a bit with lighting the shots and I filmed. It was a multi-camera production, I was on camera 3. There were two other cameras all with different shots framed. We had talkbacks to talk to the director in the gallery and the production was mixed live by the vision mixer.
We had two cameras showing auto-cues for the presenter to read from.
Overall it was a short video but it enabled us to see the length of time people need to setup in studio productions.


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