Media Terminology

Media Terminology Learnt at BOA

To connote – To show
Representation – How something is portrayed
Semiotics – The study of signs and symbols and their uses or interpretations
Sign – A direction to the seeing eye, gestures to convey information or instructions
Synergy – How companies collaborate in order to promote a product (i.e. Xbox with Netflix)
Patriarchy – The structural, systematic and historical domination and exploitation of women
Digetic sound – A sound, voice or piece of music that comes from within the space of the narrative
Signifier – A sign’s physical form (such as a sound, printed word, or image) as distinct from its meaning
Non Digetic Sound – A sound, voice or piece of music that come from outside the space of the narrative
Signified – The meaning, idea or interpretation expressed by a sign, as different from the physical form in which it is expressed
Analysis – To examine something methodically and in detail in order to explain, interpret and depict what it is about or what it means
Stereotype – Representation of people or groups of people by a few characteristics (i.e. Goths wear black clothes, black makeup, are depressed and hated by society)
Vox Pop – Popular opinion as represented by informal comments from random members of the public, especially when broadcasting and publishing eg. news reports on current affairs
Mise en Scène – Literally what is in the shot, everything that appears on the screen in a single frame and how this helps the audience decode the shot (French to English translation = Staging)



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