About me and the course

My Hopes and Dreams

This is a short video outlining what I aim to achieve from coming to BOA,
where I would like to go from here and how I ended up this way inclined in the first place.
I used home videos and photos in the background showing the people
and places that have helped me become the girl I am today and have helped me towards my future goals.

I took many attempts at this video and editing took me a long time,
with a little help from dad it finally came together and I’m pretty impressed to be honest.
I originally planned to put the different attempts up to show how I may take a long time to get somewhere but what needs to get done, does and it’s of a high standard when I do finish it,
however it wasn’t very easy to comprehend like that so I left those bits out.

All in all I have really enjoyed making and editing my first ever YouTube video,
and may there be many more videos/ films/ programs to come (but obviously a lot better).


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