Unit 6- Critical Approach

Media Theories

Uses and Gratifications Theory
Why audiences use media;
1. Identification (e.g. Relating to the story or character)
2. Inform (e.g. Using the Internet)
3. Entertainment (e.g. Watching films)
4. Social Aspect (e.g. Facebook)
5. Escapism (To relax)

Dyer’s Star Theory
Stars using media to promote their products
The idea that media can use a particular star to persuade people to buy something (e.g. JLS and Durex)

Todrov’s Theory
This theory is only relative for Romantic Comedies
1. Equilibrium – The balance at the start (How life normally is)
2. Disturbance in Equilibrium – An event, usually bad, happens that is abnormal to everyday life
3. Recognition of Disturbance – People realise the event
4. Attempt to Repair – Someone attempts to fix the event
5. Return to the Equilibrium – Return to normal everyday life


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