Critical Analysis

Unit 6- Critical Analysis

On Tuesday 10th September in the afternoon, we looked at the Research that goes into making a film- to do with audiences.
We found out that there are two different types of research; Primary research and Secondary research.

1. Primary research is information that you have gone out and collected of your own accord.
2. Secondary research is when you are using what other people have already found out.

Researching involves five key areas; planning, looking at the audiences, branding, techniques and analysis of advertisements.
There are a lot of audience fields, these are as follows;

1. Religious beliefs, Race and Culture
2.Money, Class, Intellect and Politics
3. Likes, Interests, Morals, Fans and Social groups
4. Gender, Age, Sexual Orientation, Where they’re from and Social Relevance

Interests and Likes come under Psychographics,.
Culture, Race and Religious Beliefs come under Geodemographics (dependent on where people live).

We also learnt about the four quadrants (Children, Young adults, Parents and Grand-parents) that help to make up a film that appeals to a wider audience by having music and specific story-lines that will appeal to all the four quadrants.

We learnt about Socio-Economic groups:

A. Billionaires, Doctors, MP’s, Lawyers, Bankers, Celebrities etc.
B. White Collar Workers (Managerial Roles)
C1. Blue Collar Workers (e.g: Mechanics, Electricians)
C2. Blue Collar Workers (e.g: Post men)
D. Working Class – Unskilled Jobs (e.g: Shop work)
E. The Unemployed, Students, The Homeless

We learnt about different research methods;
Primary Research- Your own practical work notes that you’ve been out and made.
Secondary Research- Other people’s work that you can find and use elsewhere.

Primary Research Methods include:

Pilot Episodes
Focus Groups

Secondary Research Methods include:

Similar Programs (and their historical success)


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