Unit 41 – News Production for Radio

We have learnt about how to produce news for the radio.
We also learnt the different types of news, which are as follows:

1. Business News- This tells us about the state of the economy
2. Regional News- This covers the general news
3. Entertainment News- This covers entertainment and celebrities
4. Niche Reporting- This covers Health, Science, Technology, Women’s, Children’s and Travel
5. Crime Reporting- Covers stabbings etc. ~general crimes
6. Sensationalism- Covers Tv, Magazines, Tabloid and Press

We learnt how some of these types of news can cross over with each other,
for example crime and entertainment could be a celebrity doing a crime.

Each bulletin of news has to be 25 seconds give or take a few seconds long to make up a 2 minute Radio News Report (General)
with the first story being a big news headline that appeals to all audiences or the majority of audiences,
then a political story, then a regional news story, then a sports story and then an entertainment story.

Shaquille and I made up a news report together,
the headline story was “More failing hospitals likely”, it involved a quote from the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.
Our Politics story was UKIP’s party leader’s prediction that they will come first in next year’s European elections, quoting Nigel Farage.
The regional story was about a grammar school site fire ‘arson’ in Sandwell.
The sports story was about Andy Murray’s back surgery with a quoted tweet off his twitter page.
Finally the entertainment story was about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s engagement being called off.


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