Commercial Production For Radio

On Monday 16th September 2013 discussed Radio and TV advertisements and their slogans and ploys to help you remember their company name,
we listened to a few radio adverts and wrote down our thoughts on them;

1. Garden Centre advert- Hard to comprehend, too fast, difficult to hear the people over the background music
2. Bakery advert- too long, very detailed, calming music, morning time advert
3. Theme Park advert- short and sweet, makes children want to go there, speaker had a very childish voice
4. Trade Warehouse advert- fast but unclear, trade related background noises
5. Race Course advert- non-relative advert but upbeat music, hoof sounds in the background
6. Retail Park advert- use of rhetorical questions, short and sweet, pitchy voice
7. Hair-loss Clinic advert- sad music

After that we got split up into teams of two and researched a topic that we were given, to then produce a short radio advertisement for.
Me and Shaquille got sports as our topic at first,
however we found it difficult to make a product we felt that we could sell using only audio,
so we asked to change our topic to something slightly easier
to make a product for (as we are both not the most sporty people ever).
We then got sweets, and managed to create a very effective advert, for our product
called “Toxic Bombs”, which would appeal to the children and young teenagers
that the sweets are aimed at.
This was our advert (Key: G= Gemma-me, S= Shaquille, B= Both of us):

G= Toxic Bombs! Explosions in your mouth *Explosion sound effect*
S= Our sweet’s will keep your tongue tingling, with mouth-watering textures and explosive flavours.
G= Toxic Bombs, buy yours at your local news agents now!
S= Terms and conditions apply
G= See online for details at
B= Your mouth may be subject to falling off.


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