Unit 44- Music Based Programming

On Tuesday 17th September we started to learn about Music Based Programming,
we took a trip down the corridor to the BOA Radio Studios so we could see and hear a bit more about what we cover in the radio side of broadcasting.
This helped us develop a better understanding of what we will cover and learn to do if we decide to further our knowledge of radio broadcasting.
We also did some work on Music Genres and noted down some genres and two artists that perform those Genres.
Those were as follows;

1. Pop– Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber
2. Dubstep– Skrillex, and Knife Party
3. R’n’B– Rhiannah, and Trey Songs
4. Pirate Metal– Alestorm, and Swashbuckle
5. Rap– Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj
6. Screamo– Emmure, and Capture The Crown
7. Heavy Metal– Slipknot, and Asking Alexandria
8. Folk– The Weavers, and Fairport Convention
9. House– Disclosure, and Calvin Harris
10. Rock– Blink-182, and Sum 41
11. Grunge– Nirvana, and Pearl Jam
12. New Disco– Daft Punk, and Televisor
13. Glitch Hop– Pegboard Nerds, and Haywyre
14. Trap’n’Bass– Dada Life, and Van Toth
15. Drum’n’Bass– Sigma, and Cyantific
16. Indie– The Clacksons, and Two Door Cinema Club
17. Country– Taylor Swift, and Johnny Cash
18. Electronic– Bloc Party, and Crystal Castles
19. Alternative– Florence & The Machine, and The Lonely Island
20. Dance– Basshunter, and Eric Pryoz
21. Garage– Craig David, and Miss Dynamite
22. HipHop– Drake, and Tinie Tempah
23. Reggae– UB40, and Bob Marley

Those are just some of the many genres of music this Earth has to offer,
we need to make sure we keep up to date with all different genres of music
as we wouldn’t know what type of music would be the next up and coming thing
if we didn’t listen to all the different genres.
Today’s lesson was fun, but also helpful for learning some of the many key factors
that we need to know if we would like to have a future in Radio Broadcasting.


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