BOA 2013-2014 (Year 12)
Last year was an emotional roller coaster for me, I didn’t cope very will with the workload we got at BOA. I enjoyed my time but I didn’t manage it as effectively as I could’ve. I spent a lot of time in the summer growing my business at home, in doing so I have learnt a lot about lighting and working with cameras.
I will be spending a lot of time this year trying to create lots of productions as I hardly finished anything last year. I had a lot of personal things going on at home that I let take over my work and I struggled to think straight.
I look forward to this year at BOA as I feel that I am able to work better in this environment now that I am accustomed to it.
I have all the facilities at home that I do at school now which means that even if I’m ill, I have no excuse for not making any productions.
I hope that by the end of this year my business will have developed along with my skills.

Mr Skinner and I had a conversation about getting my grades to a Distinction level so I can have a decent chance at getting into the NFTS.
I’m to do Unit 16 over this weekend, have a conversation with Mr McLaughlin and start planning to get my Music Based Programming up to Distinction level and talk to Mr Dodzo about altering my units to more camera based units.
I have now got the paperwork that I need to be organised in my approach to my FMP.
I am also just finishing off an email to Colin at Guide Dogs regarding a meeting about the Factual Programming piece that I will be doing with them for my FMP


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