Unit 24- Scriptwriting

Unit 24- Scriptwriting for TV/ Video

On Wednesday 18th September 2013 we learnt the basics about how to create a script for
television, and video (including film)

1. Comissioning Process- i.e. how programmes are developed. Research, proposal & presentation.
2. Research
3. Premise- Proposal
4. Pitch
5. Script- 8/10 pages

Three Act Structure

1. Act 1- Start of the film, 30 pages (30 minutes), Decision, Set-up, Problem, Inciting Incident
2. Act 2- Middle, 60 pages (60 minutes), complication
3. Act 3- End, 30 pages (30 minutes), conclusion, climax, resolution, cliff hanger (depending on the type of film)

Films are usually 90-120 pages, 1 page of a script is worth 1 minute of time

Key word:
-Protagonists (Hero)

We then went on to look at some films that we thought were rubbish within the first 10 pages (first 10 minutes) of watching:

– The Vow
– Paranormal Activity
– Withnail and I
– The Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
– 2012
– The Last Airbender
– Trolls 2
– Battleship
– Lord Of The Rings
– Gossip
– Zombies
– Warm Bodies
– Taken
– Looper
– Pirates Of The Caribbean 4
– Disaster Movie
– Die Hard 4
– March Of The Penguins
– Transformers
– Spring Breakers
– Scary Movie 5
– Resident Evil
– Sand Shark

The reasons why we thought these films would be good,
but weren’t when we watched the first 10 minutes of them was because of; the set-up, it had poor quality, it didn’t live up to its expectations, the actors weren’t good, word of mouth got out but it wasn’t as good as people said it would be.

From this we learnt how important the first section of a film or video is to get the audiences attention, otherwise you lose the audience and will get bad reviews as people will only have bothered watching the first bit then got bored and turned it off or left.

The set-up of a film is usually the ordinary world, there tends to be a protagonist (e.g Wall-E), or a dramatic question, or they have a want/ a need or a problem. This all usually happens in the first 10 minutes.
Towards the end of act one the above happens, this is called turning point 1 (usually happens 25 minutes in +/- 5 mins)

Programme Ideas:

Audience and Slot (E.g: BBC3- “Z list comedy” =low budget)

All of the above should be considered when planning to make a program.

Premise- Existing Programming, and Commissioning Guidelines (Online Guidelines)

Determine what Channel 4 are looking for in Comedy Programmes:

– Original
– Bold
– Distinctive
– Sense of authorship

– New Talent
– Taking Risks
– Championing, Brilliant and Original
– Next generation of great comic performers
– Skilful Casting, production, direction and post-production
– Fantastic Script

We had Jake Barett (a previous BOA student) come in and talk about his successes after completing his Broadcasting Media course here. He told us to all get accounts on “Linkedin” and “Myfirstjobinfilm”, we all did, this should hopefully help us to get some contacts in the Media industry. We then looked at a previous piece of work he had done on a review of his Mini, it was styled like a Top Gear review, it was very good.

We then found out the difference between a director and a producer;

A Director- Turns a vision into reality
A Producer- Has the idea

– Proposal, Treatment, Pitch. (1-2 Pages).
– Communication Goals; Audience/ Type and Genre
– Title
– Product Description
– Resources; Talent, Equipment, Crew, Time, Location
– Budget


– They will check for knowledge/ skills/ contacts

On Wednesday 16th October I went on to the Channel 4 website and looked up all the details I need for my Comedy Blap Mini-Series.


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