Theoretical Skills

During this session I plan to develop my pre-production skills and my research skills.

The three P’s:
P1. Pre-production (1-12)
P2. Production (13)
P3. Post-production (14-15)

15 step guide to pre-production:
1. Generate an idea or various different ideas to be selected for development
2. Research your ideas – Primary and Secondary research — Quantitative and Qualitative research
3. Analyse the research
4. Using the information from the research, develop the original idea
5. Create a Treatment and/or Synopsis (project proposal)
6. Make a production schedule
7. Budget
8. Storyboard and/or Shot-list
9. Location Recce – Risk assessment and taking photos
10. Contingency plan
11. Shooting schedule (Timetable)
12. Call sheet (Contact details and days details)
13. Filming (Shot log)
14. Offline Editing
15. Online Editing


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