TV Advertisement Analysis

Unit 30- Advertising for Television

On Monday 9th September 2013 as a group of three
we looked at a selection of television advertisements for various products,
our favorite advert was the Honda Cog advert.

The Cog advert was innovative yet it grabbed the audience’s attention
by using different parts of the car  to form a type of Rube Goldberg Machine.
The advert is made up of camera shots panning round the circuit
to eventually come to a shot of the new car model,
the advert was made to prompt the seventh-generation Honda Accord line of cars.

I found that this advert was distinguished
in a way that would come up as a conversational topic
-The Independent’s Peter York described it as creating
“The water-cooler ad conversation of the year”
this is most likely because of how contrasting it is
compared to other stereotypical car adverts
which tend to be shots of cars speeding along an abnormally long country road…
it gets seemingly repetitive and predictable.
Honda have managed to show what is used to make the car,
and the car as a whole, in an individual and unexpected way
which sparked up an amazing amount of interest for the new line of cars;
The branded content attached to “Cog” through interactive television
was accessed by over 250,000 people,
and 10,000 people followed up with a request for a brochure for the Honda Accord
or a copy of the advertisement on DVD.
The campaign not only successful critically but financially too.
Honda’s UK domain saw more web traffic in the 24 hours after “Cog”‘s television debut
than all but one UK automotive brand received during that month.

Overall, this advert was clearly very successful,
and it’s among-st one of the top 5 adverts I’ve seen up to date.


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