Unit 33- Animation

Task 1: Produce a Report on the Process of Stop Motion Animation

Your report must contain the following three sections:

  • Use pioneers of animation to explain the principles of stop motion animation
  • Use developers of animation to explain techniques of stop motion animation
  • Use contemporary animators to explain techniques, as well as genres and forms


For example:

  • Joseph Plateau (phenakitoscope),
  • William Horner (zoetrope),
  • Emile Reynaud (praxinoscope),
  • Edward Muybridge (The horse in motion, 1878),
  • Edison (kinetoscope, The Execution of Mary Queen of Scots,1895, The enchanted Drawing, 1900)


  • Persistence of vision
  • Beta movement/Phi Phenomena
  • Frame rates
  • Stopping
  • Stop frame


For example

  • James Stuart Blackton (The Humpty Dumpty Circus, 1898, Humorous Phases of Funny Faces, 1900)
  • Charley Bowers (Its a Bird, 1930)
  • Willis O’Brien (The Lost World, 1925, King Kong, 1933)
  • Ray Harryhausen (Jason and the Argonauts 1963, Clash of the Titans, 1981)
  • Jan Švankmajer (Dimensions of Dialogue, 1982)


  • Sequential animation
  • Movement
  • Style
  • Visualisation
  • Narrative
  • Working Methods


For example

  • Cosgrove Hall
  • Aardman
  • Tim Burton
  • Henry Selick
  • Pez
  • BLU

Genres and Forms

  • TV shows
  • Idents
  • Feature films
  • Advertising
  • Music Videos

In preparation for the production of your stop motion animation, you must produce the following paperwork:

  • List of potential ideas:  Styles, characters, content, subject, production methods
  • A synopsis (brief summary of final idea)
  • A treatment, outlining target audience, film content, potential styles and techniques
  • A script
  • A storyboard
  • A mood board
  • Influences
  • Concept art work:  Character designs, set designs, prop designs, visualisation styles
  • Technical designs:  Methods of creating movement, making of characters/sets/props, exploitation of format potential, camera movement, lighting design, colour, materials.
  • Equipment and materials required
  • Budget
  • Production plan
  • production roles


Controlling Line-
Main Characters-
Summary of the content-
Target Audience-


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