Unit 58 – DVD Design and Authoring

DVD Menu Analysis:

This is the DVD Menu for 007 Skyfall.
The background consists of small clips of the film to the 007 theme song.
The Film’s logo then fades in from 0.10 to 0.14 seconds.
At 0.15 to 0.17 seconds in the menu fades in.
The menu consists of ‘Play’, ‘Set Up’, ‘Scenes’ and ‘Extras’.
The DVD Menu is very simplistic and the font used is a very masculine font.

(9 minutes in) This is the DVD Menu for Easy A.
The Background is a short animation of the main character and small clips of her family, teachers and friends and also the letter ‘A’ which is a big feature in the film.
The DVD Menu buttons look like they have been doodled onto some note paper as this film is mainly based around a high school student and is mainly shot in the main character’s school.
There are 4 Menu buttons; ‘Play Movie’, ‘Languages’, ‘Scene Selection’ and ‘Special Features’. When you select an individual button the button has an arrow appear above it until it is selected again to make it work. This means you know what button you are about to select before selecting it.

This is the DVD Menu for Spyro.
There is a short animation showing the main character looking like the hero, then the Spyro Logo comes in and moves up so there is space for the Menu Buttons.
There are 3 Menu buttons; ‘Play Movie’, ‘Language Selection’ and ‘Scene Selection’.
When you click on Scene selection it takes you to a side menu showing the scenes and there are boxes for each that show short clips from the scenes to enable you to work out where you were in the film.

This is the DVD Menu for Lizzie Mcguire The Movie.
In the foreground there is a clip from the film of the main characters in the film, this then switches to the background when the menu fades in 0.10 seconds into the menu.
There are also postcard animations with either still shots from the film or stereotypical postcard fronts which appear from the background to the foreground but never cover the menu.
There are 5 DVD Menu Buttons; ‘Play’, ‘Bonus Features’, ‘Scene Selection’, ‘Sneak Peeks’ and ‘Set Up’.
When you click on the ‘Bonus Features’ Button there is a short clip of an animation in the foreground of Lizzie Mcguire which is featured as her conscience in the film and also in the TV Series. The animation then continues but in the background, then another menu comes up with buttons that will let you watch the Bonus features and also a button at the bottom which, when you click on it, will take you back to the main menu.
When you click on Scene selection there will be another short animation, then a still of the main character will appear with some pictures along the side which correspond to the scenes, this makes it easier to work out what scene you were on. When you go to select the picture stars will appear on it, showing where you are about to select. Or a star will appear next to the button saying which scene you are about to select. There are also a few buttons along the bottom to select the page which has the scenes you may want to select on it and underneath that there is another button which will return you to the main menu.
Sneak peeks brings up another small animation then some buttons which show upcoming film’s sneak previews. Again, there is a button on the bottom to return you to the main menu.

References: http://forum.videohelp.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=21187&d=1384268500


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