How the Media impacts on Society

What impact have these examples had on Society?

Benefits Street, Channel 4: Benefits street could convince people to go work or try and get a job, as it shows how living on Benefits is like. It also gives the public an insight into the lives of people on Benefits. This show gives awareness to the fact of benefits. It has both a positive and a negative impact on society.

Don’t Drink and Drive Campaign: The effect of this advert should make people see the long term effects of drinking and driving in a negative light. This should hopefully convince people to not drink and drive. This advert raises awareness of drink driving. It has a positive impact on society if perceived the way it was meant to be.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

A recent advert in a Hongkong cinema has hopefully scared people, from the showing, enough to stop them checking their phones when driving.

The screen showed the view of a driver sitting behind the wheel, driving down a very long, straight road.
A text message was pushed to the phones of all the people in the cinema, they all pick up their phones to check the message, when suddenly a huge crash happens on the screen.
Once people looked up to see the car had crashed, a message showed up saying: ‘A reminder to keep your eyes on the road’.

The ad went viral soon after being published. The whole event was put in scene by the advertising agency ‘Ogilvy’ and has had more than 5 million clicks on YouTube.


My First Ever Baby PhotoShoot!

IMG_6199 Edited

My First Ever Baby PhotoShoot

Today I spent 6 hours photographing not just the one baby that I was expecting to, but also her mom, her other little newborn cousin and his mom, their two other cousins and their nan. Effectively 6 PhotoShoots and 2 Mini ones.
All in all I feel the whole day went well, a lot of things I will learn with practice and as I get some money I will be able to experiment with different backdrops, props and accessories. I had said I would do the PhotoShoots today for free and use it as experience but everyone was so happy with the outcome that they insisted I took the money as I’d done so much for them. They also have both said they would like me to take some more when they are a little older as their personalities grow and change with them.
On top of that, the house of their nan, where I was doing the PhotoShoot said that in the future (with other jobs as well as her family ones) I can use her back room as my studio free of charge.

A few things I would change would be to have a better lens suited to job (eventually a new camera but that’s for not for a while yet).
A more textured blanket (so that creases don’t show up as much, as it takes a while to get rid of in post production).
Make sure the baby isn’t wearing any bright or patterned clothes (This takes the attention away from the subject in focus).
Try to minimise how much I’m taking on the day as it may overwhelm the customer (Luckily the customers today were family friends so they didn’t mind as much.

Other than that, I had a lovely day. Everyone was calm and happy, and we are all pleased with the final product.
I hope that these photos will help to build my offline portfolio (the parents didn’t want the pictures put online unless the children were unidentifiable).
Visit: for my online portfolio.

The next update from ‘Gemma’s Photography’ may be on a Garment PhotoShoot, a lady rang me this morning about it but I was in a bit of a fluster as I was on the way to the Baby PhotoShoot. Tomorrow I will be asking Sir how to answer business phone calls appropriately as I feel as if I could do with knowing a little more on business etiquette.

Spanish Child Abuse Advert

Child abuse 1

A high tech advert designed by a Spanish charity called ANAR which helps to fight child abuse has recently made international headlines because of it’s innovative lenticular lens to convey different messages to children and adults.

Adults see a general advertisement warning them about child abuse with the message “Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it” this advert features a close-up picture of a poker faced young boy (shown in the image above), whereas children under a certain height see the protagonist beaten and bruised along with a phone number to call for help and a message saying “If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you” (shown in the image below).


ANAR’s director Tomas Lagunás told The Local “It’s been a very pleasant surprise,” he also said that they have never made use of media campaigns to reach out specifically to children before, but on the first day the billboards went up they had 30 calls from children who had seen the adverts and needed help.

The posters went up in cities across Spain around one week ago and in the last couple of days the story on the adverts has featured majorly on international media and social networking, including sites like the BBC, Daily Mail, Facebook and Twitter.

The director thanked the billboard companies for offering the spaces for the advertisements for free as well as praising the advertising company GREY Group Spain’s creative directors for coming up with such an innovative and original idea.

Since the adverts went up ANAR’s phones have been ringing non-stop, and the first few days of them being up many people weren’t able to reach them because the lines were so busy.
Lagunas told The Local that their main problem is the amount of calls they have which they aren’t able to answer, they received 324,000 calls from children needing their help last year and many more who were probably not able to get through to them.
They don’t have enough funds to hire more child psychologists nor to install the phone helplines to cater for all the children who need them.